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Civil works

Underground telecommunications and power infrastructure construction require good understanding of civil works related to excavations, laying of ducts, construction of joint boxes, back filling and re-instatements. Voacom Networks has specialized tools and equipment as well as the right expertise to carry out civil work activities for both long haul and metro fibre networks and LV, HV and EHV underground cable installations. We take special attention to civil works due to its importance in determining the quality and life span of the services for both direct buried and in the ducts. We wish to note that we have all it takes to handle project in metropolitan areas with all the required care that such projects need. Of  all the projects we have handled, 60% are situated in metropolitan areas thereby giving us the rare expertise necessary for this type of work especially bearing in mind that civil works in cities can be cumbersome and destructive to other services if not handled with care.

The quality of civil works and expertise of staff have made Voacom one of the leading contractors especially in Metro networks where congested services and human population require special competence to execute the project. Our work ethics, expertise, capacity, capability and quality of work have prompted some of our main partners like Telkom Kenya to use Voacom whenever sensitive works touching on government facilities like military, ministries, treasury, KRA among others are required. We are proud to be the implementing contractor for the Nairobi’s metropolitan project on Integrated Urban Surveillance Security Systems (IUSS) and traffic light control networks. The project is a joint venture between city council of Nairobi and Metropolitan Ministry through Telkom Kenya.

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