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Tools and Equipment

Voacom Networks Ltd has its own fleet of machinery including thrust borings, excavators, breakers, cable pulling winch machine and vehicles among other equipment. Other tools include OFC splicer, earth compactors, cable pulling fiber rods, and terrestrial measuring tools among others.  This is why Voacom can deliver projects within timeline.

Our recent partnership with Siemens Kenya in consortium with Siemens France to construct an 8 km double circuit 220kV and 48 core fibre optic underground cable systems at Embakasi along the inside fence of KWS is a clear testimony of our continued growth in capability and capacity.

The BOBCAT machine which is used for backfilling excavated trench e.g with red soil or imported backfill material where necessary prior to laying power cables or fiber optic cables

An excavator- This is a modern excavator fitted with quick coupler and tilting bucket. This excavator is used in digging trenches, Material handling, Heavy lift, e.g. lifting and placing of pipes etc.

Portable air compressor for powering tools, such as jackhammers and is used to break solid rock if encountered during trenching operations.

Compressor pump for pumping small volumes of water out of trenches dug in marshy conditions or areas of high water table.

Wich machine for pulling heavy underground power cables

Rollers for smooth support of cable during pulling

5kVA Diesel Generator

33kVA Diesel Generator

Cable Drum Handling Equipment

Cable Lubicant Dispenser

Canter Lorry

Concrete Mixer

Double Cab Project Car

Double Cab Project Car

HIAP Lorry with carrier and lifter

Fiber Identifier

Fiber Splicing Machine

GPS Meter

Installation Machine (Motor) (Rubber Sl)

Jack Hammer

Masonry Tool Kit

OFC Splicing Machine and Tool Kit

Optical Power Meter


Portable Drill

Road Measuring Wheel

Suzuki Maruti


Visual Fault Locator

Fiber blowing machine

Civil works
Cable pulling
Tools and Equipment
Fiber Splicing and Testing
Documentation and Support

Past and Ongoing Projects

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  • Telecommunications Infrastructure Projects