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Fiber Splicing and Testing

 Voacom uses fusion fibre splicing technology to:

  1. Connect pre-terminated tails to the ends of fibres.
  2. Join cables.
  3. Join two fibres with a low loss joint.
  4. Repair damaged optic fibre cables.
We ensure that correct preparation of the fibres to be spliced is done properly if a good, low loss connection is to be made.
A continuity check is one method for fibre optic testing and is done to ensure that the fibre has not been broken at any point, or to check that the fibre under test does indeed go from one location to the correct destination. The test tool that we commonly use is an optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR). With OTDR, we are capable of measuring fibre lengths, losses, connector losses, splice losses and fibre defects. No device is required at the far end of the fibre to use an OTDR and results can be saved electronically to produce reports and enable accurate location of problems. Our technicians are properly trained to use OTDR for both testing and analysis to produce reports for our clients.

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Fiber Splicing and Testing
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